What a beautiful winter’s day. A full night’s sleep makes such a difference.

Yes, there is still swelling in my jaw but less so, a little bruising, still pins and needles and a definite loss of sensation in the left half of my lower lip. Alannah is still fighting off her ear and throat infection and the poor little lamb vomited up all her milk again this morning.

But we got out and enjoyed our day. The Steyne Park playground and markets with Grandad in the morning, big midday sleep for us both, then the Rushcutters Bay playground with the mums and Ma in the late afternoon.

It used to seem hard just to get myself together and out of the house in the morning. Add a baby and you really need to get organised. But now we are both not well and it’s a challenge to keep on top of it all.

There’s panadeine forte for pain relief. That’s four times a day and I am not looking forward to running out tomorrow. There’s curam duo forte twice a day, a combination of amoxicillin and potassium clavulanate, to prevent post-op infections. And finally there’s chlorohexidine gluconate mouthwash after every meal to wash away food acids and bacteria.

The good news is that the 48 hours of puree is over and I can eat some soft foods, like mash and pasta and scrambled eggs. Much better for mind, body and soul than puree, ugh.

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