And the winner is…

Ameloblastoma.  It’s bad news.

Not unexpected news.  Indeed, exactly what I expected. I’m not feeling shocked or deflated or scared.  I felt ready for it, which surprised me.  A week of devouring everything I could find on ameloblastoma helped.

But it is the worst case in the range of scenarios we had discussed with Dr S. He’d initially hoped Odontogenic Keratocystic Tumour when he first met.  After our second meeting together with Dr D, he was leaning towards Unicystic Ameloblastoma.  He first conceded the likelihood of Ameloblastoma when he called to check on me the day after the biopsy.

Alannah and I were at Centennial Park with El and Tess when Dr S called early this afternoon and I dragged the diagnosis out of him. We walked and talked while the girls slept then explored the playground, ate dirt, tasted sand and caught a little sunshine.

All this to say I’d had an hour or two to digest the news before I got home and called Dad and Mum.  Here I am thinking I should get it over and done with like ripping off a bandaid.  Little did I know.  The first question from each: oh good, so it is definitely not cancer, right?  I am the bearer of good news, it seems.  Dr S has assured us from the start that it’s not cancer.  To say he is loathe to be definite is somewhat of an understatement.

That’s the big news of the day.  No no, I forgot!  Alannah can definitely stand from sitting and is proud as punch.  She has done it quite a few times, but not as repeatedly or joyously as today.

In other news, as they say:

  • He asked about pain.  I said, heck yes.  Well, words to that effect.  He took a lot of biopsy samples, he said, once he’d seen how the tumour looked.  That is exacerbating the pain.
  • I asked about the bismuth-iodine pack that he was going to insert during the biopsy to begin the marsupialisation treatment.  A treatment that is likely off the table with this diagnosis.  A day or so after the biopsy, there didn’t seem to be the iodine taste he’d suggested and I began to think he hadn’t put in the pack. Correctly, as it turns out.  Once he saw the tumour, he didn’t want to put me through that unnecessarily.
  • I also asked about the soft food fun.  Yes, he said, I need to keep on the soft foods and absolutely avoid hard foods.  No steak or apples, we agreed.  So looks like Alannah and I will be sharing fish fingers more often.

He did stress that he is still waiting for some bits or pieces, second opinion perhaps, to finalise the pathology.  He’s a little perfectionist, my man Dr S.  I know he knew the minute he saw the tumour, but I’m happy for him to do his thang.

I’m glad this part is done and dusted.  Now to move on The Plan on Thursday.



  1. So kinda sucky and kinda good?
    Sucky, you are going to get poked and prodded and probed,
    good, you aren’t going to die from it.
    Great to hear you doctor is so thorough.
    Good luck for the next phase.

  2. Noble Note says:

    So. Dr S is thorough, careful, and listens to his patients (perhaps you are teaching him this). Some may not want to know; you do, and he has learned to be open with you. Ameloblastoma is not what we wanted, but it’s what we have; your strength is (I begin to expect this) amazing. This does not mean you are not allowed to cry. You are. Please hug Alannah for me; what a clever girl. Love to all of you.

  3. Your parents probaby just like to know that the elevator you’re all in has a floor … and cables.

  4. Its definitely good that its not cancer and it sounds like you’ve found a good doctor. Good luck and look after yourself as well as Alannah.

  5. Marieke says:

    I am sorry to hear the news was not good. I always thought that any unwanted cell growth, be it benign or malignant, is in theory cancer. How odd that you did not know right away that he did not tell you sooner that had not inserted the iodine pack. Glad you felt prepared for the news, eventhough it is not what you wanted to hear. I’ll be thinking of you on Thursday.

  6. Marieke, I asked him about that yesterday. We had a little cancer 101 lesson. I might post on it later when I’m not on the iPad waiting for the surgeon because I’ll need to include bad doodles to illustrate. K xx

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