Voicemail message

Message on my voicemail at 1.41pm today.

It is Dr P here.  Just letting you know.  I wanted to give you an up to date picture regarding your MRI of your mandible and the head which happened yesterday, oh sorry the day before.

I did speak with the radiologist and they just want me to proceed to do a further biopsy.  They have some concern regarding the features which they see on the MRI scan and we want to exclude malignancy

If you could give me a call, my number is […].

We would like to do a further biopsy for you on Saturday.  I have another major cancer operation to do in the morning and we are happy to fit you in the afternoon for another examination under anaesthetic and biopsy.

My secretary G will be calling you directly to see if we can get you organised.

Ok.  Thank you.  Bye.



  1. Danielle says:

    Hang in there!! You want them to be extra conservative and that is what they are doing. Did you ask if they can use the prior biopsy samples? I sending you a huge hug!! xoxo

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