Homeward bound

I will be discharged from hospital by lunch time.  Dr P just popped in to see his patients in the ward.

He took three samples, just like in my first biopsy.  The worrisome extension of the tumour into the soft tissue was glistening and white, he said. In the soft tissue, there were signs of infection and efforts to protect against the expanding tumour.  Of course, as I have heard many times now, only the pathologists will be able to determine if the tumour is cancerous by examining the samples under a microscope.

The samples have been whisked away to a pathologist at the Royal Prince Alfred.  She will likely consult with the pathologist from the first biopsy.  If necessary, the radiation oncologist from Macquarie University Hospital will also have a look.  Dr P now seems to think he may hear by the end of the week.

I will have a consultation with him next week to discuss the pathology results.  Unless the results are nasty.  Nasty means clearing their schedules.  Nasty means resection and reconstruction surgery either this coming Saturday or the next.

Time to root for a late July surgery date.



  1. Everything crossed for late July.

  2. Noble Note says:

    Welcome home. Of course July.

  3. Kirsten you’re in my thoughts and prayers. I’ve wanted to pick up the phone and call you so many times, but I can see from your blogs that you’ve had a LOT on your plate and I’m sure you are very tired and exhausted from the medication. Fingers crossed you get the earliest surgery possible. Love to you, Darren and Miss Alannah. xx

  4. Call anytime. I don’t always answer. Or always get to call back. At least not promptly. But I always like to get the messages. xx

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