Tomorrow is the day

J at Dr P’s office will receive the biospy results from the pathology lab tomorrow.

She will fax them to Dr P in Wollongong.

He will call me.

And then I will know.

Either way.



  1. Noble Note says:

    Either way, know we’re here.

  2. fingers crossed.

  3. I’ll be here, waiting!

  4. Thank you for the comments and emails. And thank you for reading and following and hoping and caring. I can’t reply now as SOME of you dob me in to my mother if I reply too late!! (I dob her in to some of you too, all’s fair in love and war I know.) And besides, I’m trying to give this meditation lark a good go. It sends me to sleep if nothing else. I’ll be here tomorrow once we know. xx

  5. Danielle says:

    I’m waiting with you…holding your hand tight!
    I loved our skype hug the other night…it actually felt like a real hug!
    Here’s more hugs for you too!!

  6. Larry McNeill says:

    I read your blog. I do care what happens to you even though I only know you from this blog. I feel I know your mother from her blog and you from this. Your expressions of love for your daughter are amazing. I like to think I could do this if I were in your place. I can do nothing for you, as I live in California, but let you know that you are not alone and it appears that you have quite a following and they are all pulling for you..

    We are all awaiting the call.


  7. Margaret says:

    Hang in there, we are all hoping things will work out well.
    Try to spend your waiting time playing with the darling girl,it will bring you happiness and joy, which impacts on your body more than we know.

  8. Thoughts are with you. Everything crossed. Glad the meditation is helping.

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