I feel so much better this morning.

It’s been a mental exhaustion rather than physical tiredness, Darren observed this morning.

This too shall pass, they say.  And it has.

Crawling back into bed each afternoon just isn’t me.  It was like a sugar hit.  It lifted me up for a short time, only to crash me lower as the days passed.

I’ve had some time to reflect on the good advice I’ve received over the last few weeks.  Freefalling’s thoughtful words about space for a quiet mind, Mr J’s thoughts about the importance of calm, among others.

Last night, I dealt with some paperwork that I had been finding overwhelming, disproportionately so.  Today, I’ll be doing a fair bit of medical admin, chasing up appointment times, quotes (ouch), and some advice on PICC lines (ouch).  I’ll also have doppler imaging on my right leg.  I was horrified to find the referral on Wednesday, wedged into a brown box that used to be filing and is now crammed with everything I couldn’t face.  Dr Amiable, my plastic & reconstructive surgeon, needs the scan to ensure my fibula artery and vein will be good to use in my mandibular reconstruction.

I feel better.  I feel relieved.  It’s going to be a good day.



  1. Good to read this.

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