Doppler ultrasounds

UPDATE: I was caught out by writing this in the evening and scheduling it to post in the morning.  The second ultrasound was today (Wednesday) and I’ve fixed the post now.

Today I have my second doppler ultrasound.  Last Friday, they looked at the veins in my legs.  This time, they’ll look at the arteries.

Dr Amiable, my plastic and reconstructive surgeon, ordered the doppler ultrasounds.  A little Google tells me the doppler assesses the direction and speed of blood flow.  Doppler is a reference to the Doppler Effect, which is about the change in frequency of sound waves as an object moves towards you, passes you and draws away from you.

Before he harvests my right fibula, Dr A wants to know if it has good blood supply.  He’ll be removing the fibula bone, vein and artery from my right calf and using it as a ‘fibula flap’ to fashion my new jaw.  The genius of the fibula flap is that it brings its own blood supply that’s connected up with micro surgery.  It is less likely to fail and it heals faster, like a fracture rather than a graft.

For the doppler, the sonographer checks blood supply at three points: groin, knee and ankle.  Then he checks how the blood flow in the vein (and tomorrow, the artery) responds to compression.  It’s uncomfortable and makes me squeamish, but it’s painless.

The sonographer will write up a report after today’s appointment.  I’ll need to collect it for my next consultation with Dr A.

Of course, I don’t have another consultation scheduled with Dr A.  But I will, I most surely will.



  1. That really is amazing, isn’t it?
    Your leg bone in your face?
    Do they take out the whole fibula?

    What’s the “needle” recording like?
    Is it helping?

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