Legs ripe for harvest – Part 1

I was back again for more doppler ultrasounds yesterday, this time on the arteries in my leg.  Again uncomfortable but painless.  This time, he turned up the sound so I could listen to the soothing sound of triphasic arterial flow.

I returned to pick up the images and reports this afternoon.   Unfortunately I didn’t check the envelope until we got home.  It turns out they’d forgotten to include the venous scans and report from last week.  Rookie error by someone who ought to know better.  We were doing a 2-hour mad dash around Bondi Junction – shopping is not AJ’s favourite thing – but my whole experience with this disorganised crowd suggested I should check.  I’ll have to chase them up.

The writer of the report (not my sonographer) is a man of few words, as you’ll see below.  In short, there’s no evidence of narrowing of the artery vessels (stenosis) or thickening of the artery walls (artherosclerosis).

The ultrasound scans also included various readings for the blood flow speed.  Just for fun, I’ve added below the report the averaged readings are for the right leg.  That’s the leg from which Dr A proposes to do the fibula harvest.


Bilateral doppler arterial leg studies

All vessels were demonstrated bilaterally and showed normal triphasic flow throughout.  There was no evidence of stenosis or atherosclerosis.

Right leg artery readings

Rt CFA 92.2 cm/s

Rt PFA -55.5 cm/s

R SFA prox -102.1 cm/s

R SFA mid -120.9 cm/s

R SFA dist -96.7 cm/s

R Pop prox 59.6 cm/s

R Pop dist -109.4 cm/s



  1. Your heading reads like a Victorian body-snatcher thriller 🙂
    As freefalling also asked, I’m interested to know if they take the whole fibula. And if they do, what happens to the muscle attachments? Do they stick them onto the tibia?

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