Legs ripe for harvest – Part 2

I still have to head back to pick up my venous doppler scans, but the clinic receptionist kindly faxed me the report.  I find it somewhat perplexing that none of these high tech medical centres, including Dr P’s office at Macquarie University Hospital, can email documents to me.  Indeed, I hear horror in their voice when I am even so bold as to suggest such a thing.

Again, it seems to be good news on the blood flow in my leg veins.  There is no clot in the deep vein (deep vein thrombosis) or inflammation and clot in the surface vein (superficial thrombophlebitis).  Rock and roll then.


Bilateral legs doppler venous study

Normal flow and compressibility were demonstrated in the deep and superficial systems of the legs bilaterally.  There was therefore no evidence of DVT or superficial thrombophlebitis.  No other specific finding.



  1. Good.

  2. Perhaps they don’t want to e-mail medical information due to privacy concerns, not because they’re afraid of the technology?

  3. Rosemary says:

    And yet they’re willing to fax? Good grief!

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