I’m persevering as best I can to get ready.

It’s a bit dispiriting.  I feel I’m fighting the system.  Putting your head down and just going with it seems to be the way of it.

It just feels wrong to me.  And wrong for me.

I get that it is routine for them.  I’m just not happy with blind faith.  My health, my responsibility.

What I did achieve today was:

I have emailed my initial list of questions to J at Dr P’s office.  She will forward them on to him on holidays.  I pretty much begged for a pre-op consultation.

I spoke to Dr A’s office.  I now have a pre-op consultation scheduled for next week.

I spoke to the pre-admissions office at the hospital. They don’t yet have my admissions paperwork.  They will probably schedule my additional tests for the week before my operation.  She will pass on my concerns to the dietitian.

Slowly, slowly.



  1. Noble Note says:

    “Your health, your responsibility.” Absolutely right. I know this causes more stress than you should be having right now – but in your case, not taking responsibility, not asking questions, would be even more stressful. You have the diplomatic skills to present your case without irritating the medicos; they should be pleased to be dealing with an intelligent person who asks pertinent questions. The key is … exactly what you said: slowly, slowly. But with indefatigable perseverance.

    Meanwhile, think of your physical health too; eat well, walk in the sunshine, be with friends and family.

  2. Never feel its wrong to ask questions, in any situation!
    In the same breathe yes it is your health, but unfortunately not ur responsibilty, its theres now! They are responsibe for what happens to u, its not blind faith hun, but it is faith, we cant control all that happens to us sometimes we need to let go and trust, have faith, believe! you are in the very best of care.
    Is that hard, hell yer! But its your health and i worry that if you dont reach a place of some calm you will fall into an emotional heap, look after you by accepting that this is how it will be, can it be any other way – no! Can it be any other dr – no! Can u control the outcome – no!
    You are in the best place and you will be looked after!
    This comes from a place of much love my lil couz, you can punch me when your better and are over in feb!
    Tamms xx

  3. Kirsten ,
    A scan , be it cone beam or regular CT , I find is a fantastic communication tool to show our patients in a very visual way what, why and how things are planned . It gives a 3D representation of your jaws , skull and vital structures including the offending (!) area . As they : a picture is worth a thousand words . And yes, I do encourage you to ask questions as it will give you confidence and an insight into what is ahead .
    Andrew .

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