I’ll post tomorrow about our pre-op consultation this afternoon with my plastic & reconstructive surgeon, Dr A.

In the meanwhile, a little intermission.  An antidote, if you will, to the long and dense posts in the Q&A series.

I am optimistic again.  I wake more easily in the morning.  I don’t skulk back to the bed for sleep at the first opportunity.  I am taking photographs again.

I am working my way – slowly – through the myriad tasks to be ticked off before I go into hospital on Sunday 31 July.  (The hospital admission and surgery dates were confirmed today.)  We did a massive clear out at home over the weekend.  Darren and I even headed in to the Rocks on Sunday night for a ‘Last Supper’.

Sadly,  there was a bump in the road over the weekend.  My wedding ring must have fallen off my finger while at the playground at Centennial Park on Saturday afternoon.  Darren returned to search, but in vain.  He had already lost his ring to the Hawkesbury River a few years ago.  There’s nothing to be done but keep calm and carry on.  There’s too much more important to think about right now.

And speaking of what is more important… With Alannah’s first sleep now 10.15am, we head out first in the morning – often to the playground, then to a cafe for morning tea.  An orange and milk for Alannah, coffee for me (and Darren on the weekend).  Such a lovely little tradition to kick off the day.

 Triptych Alannah at L'Espresso - 18 July 2011.jpg

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