Baby’s Birthday

It has rained down all day.  Bucketed down.  Still now the rain thunders down outside.

Today our baby turned one year old.  We couldn’t go to the playground or the zoo as we’d planned, but the three of us did brave the wild wet.

We kept up our morning tea tradition.  We patted dogs.  We had sushi with Ma (my mum) for lunch.  We had birthday lamingtons and afternoon tea with the kids and carers at Alannah’s day care.  How she fit in a full terriyaki salmon sushi roll followed by afternoon tea I do not know!  We played and cuddled and chased and laughed and stuck out our tongues.

And before bed, Alannah and I snuggled in the armchair in her room to read Baby’s Birthday, twice.  It’s a tattered and beloved Little Golden Book that Grandad and Ma read to me over and over and over s as a kid and I now read to Alannah.  It was the first book I ever read to her, all those many months ago when she was only ten days old.

Wake up, baby!  This is your special day.  A birthday is full of fun and surprises.  Baby is dressed in brand new clothes for this special day. …

Baby's Birthday Cover.jpg



  1. Danielle says:

    Happy Birthday Alannah!!! What a wonderful first year you have had! Full of so much love from 2 of the BEST parents in the world!! Wish I could be at your party to celebrate too!
    Love you all!

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