And then…

I rushed out the door…

And locked myself out.

Yes sir, I really did.  That must be the universe saying, be more grateful.

Oh did I laugh.  You’ve got to a laugh, as they say.

I am back in again and, many many phone calls later, it turns out the credit card charge is a mistake, not a fraud.  Hooray!

All’s well with the world again.  Except for the tumour.  And her days are numbered.  Three, in fact.

We’re off to see Dr P to talk about my latests scans, surgical margins and other fun topics.  My appointment was bumped to this afternoon and we may have a wait, so I’m taking paperwork with me.

We might even scout out a decent coffee place.  If you missed the first warning (visiting in hospital), the coffee at the cafe on the hospital ground floor is awful.  The food wasn’t anything to write home about either.  You have been warned.

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