Catching breaks

I am racking my brain to think of the breaks I have caught and not appreciated.

Why?  Today, because the sprint wasn’t challenging enough, we’ve added a few hurdles.

First hurdle: fraudulent credit card charge.  That’s right, folks.  Our joint credit cards are about to be cancelled just before I go in to hospital.  I suppose the faint silver lining is that I caught it.  We could have been looking at a few weeks of unbridled plundering of our credit cards.

Of course, the bank can’t cancel the cards on my authority because I’m only the secondary card holder.  So before Darren calls them back, I’m doing the essentials.  I’ve paid my oral surgeon’s bill and my hospital excess (we might as well get the points and somehow it feels marginally less painful than paying cash).  I’m about to nip down to the bank to get Darren some cash (yes, we should have separate ATM cards, but we don’t).  And then I’ll get my legs waxed (for a few weeks grace from hairy leg mouth, mmm mmm).

I’m still smarting from losing my wedding ring and having to rush around filing police reports and claims.  No news on that yet, by the way.

Oh my.  The hospital just called back.  It turns out I only have to pay the hospital excess once per year so now she is refunding it.  Someone, get this girl a drink.  I’m not allowed to drink.  Tea, perhaps?

The point of this ramble was that I am running out of time.  Ally is in day care and we have our final consultation with Dr P this afternoon.  I want to reply to all your emails, comments, texts and cards and time is getting away from me.  I will do my very best but please know that I appreciated them all.  Alannah appreciated hers too (especially the wrapping paper and even more so the pen her mummy was trying to use to keep track for thank you cards).

On your marks, get set…

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