My home away from home

I am “checked in”, as Darren has been saying, to my new home away from home.

As Alannah took it upon herself to explore the corridors, I discovered Ward 4 couldn’t be more than 10 per cent occupied.  It’s a mixed surgical ward, not just cancers and other tumours.  Perhaps they have more day patients, but they are used to longer term residents like I will be.

Darren and Alannah went home about 3pm.  I’ve settled in and had a few phone calls.  I had some of my photos printed and framed for my room.  I have books and magazines.  My iPad and iPod are loaded up with music, podcasts, and an audio book from the three-month trial subscription I’ve signed up to from  I have some online scrabble partners lined up and Timmy, yes, some poker down the track sounds good too.

Dr P, my oral & maxillofacial surgeon, popped in an hour or so ago.  I should be off to the operating theatre about 7am and he’ll see me there.  The elusive Dr H, a head and neck cancer surgeon, will join in the morning’s festivities after all.  He is an old hand – 1o years older than Dr P – and will be another pair of eyes for the mandibulectomy.

I must brush my teeth thoroughly tonight and I’m “nil by mouth”, as they say, from midnight tonight.  My last meal tonight will be salmon, not a bad way to go out.  It will be a good six weeks I expect before salmon gets a look in on the menu.



  1. Ally has just chased cats all over my flat and courtyard. Sylvie accepted pats, but Cooper was a good deal more reticent. Don’t worry! Darren had her! I’ll ring you after you have had dinner.

  2. Kirsten – Thinking of you and hope all goes well for tomorrow’s op. Hope the recovery is onwards and upwards from there. I’ll be waiting for the photos… ;o)
    Jo x

  3. Noble Note says:

    Sleep well. If I believed in angels, I would tell you they were watching over you. In the absence of angels – think of all the friends who are doing just that.

  4. Hi Kirsten – You sound positively chipper!
    I hope everything goes wonderfully well tomorrow and that you harness some superior recuperative powers.
    Won’t be long now til you are out the other side and it’s all a distant memory.
    Best wishes.

  5. Good luck. Your medical team certainly sounds well-prepared. I’ll join you in an online ipad game of scrabble sometime, seeing as I spend most of my nights awake anyway. I’ll be thinking of you.

  6. Keep up this great outlook, Kirsten – your recovery will amaze everyone, I have no doubt. Stay strong and focussed – you have LOTS of support – feed off that in the low times. Lyv ya, girlfriend! …… Annette

  7. Good luck, I hope all goes like clockwork and that you will have a better than expected recovery.

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