And its done!!

They say a watched kettle never boils.. but try waiting for a call from a surgeon!!

I’ll take the kettle watching any day of the week.

So, I’ve spoken now to both Dr P and Dr A and thankfully they both have the same story to tell. Kirsten has come through the surgery in excellent health. She is in ICU right now and is under the watchful eyes of the nurses there. The team lf surgeons and assistants will be checking on her throughout the next few days to ensure that the Fibula Flap has taken.

BLASTER is gone. BLaster is off to be dissected and probed and scanned.. should find out the final result in a few weeks.

Thanks to everyone who put up with me today and let me just hang out, and sorry to those in our favourite cafe this morning.. Alannah was at her boisterous best! Alannah has been such a trooper today.. she learnt how to say MOOOOOO tonight.. it was so cute 🙂

Off to ICU to visit Kirsten, then home to sleep… I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted!

Will update again later once I have cast my eyes over my beautiful wife!

– Darren



  1. …and so begins the recovery – Day #1 on 01.02.11 – the first step towards recovery. SO glad she has come through the surgery so well – she’s a trooper! Luv Annette.

  2. Noble Note says:

    Thank you, Darren – so much. All good news, and it was good to get the update.

  3. Great news!

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