Let the healing begin

I’ve just gotten back from ICU, and let me tell you, no matter how prepared you are or how much you play it over in your mind, you can’t be prepared for that first sight of a loved one in the post operation state that Kirsten is in. I like to think that I’m made of hard stuff and can handle any situation but it took me a few seconds to compose myself.

I had a good conversation with her ICU nurse, Nurse R. Nurse R ran me through all the tubes, cords, cables and wrappings that Kirsten current has attached and also spoke to me about Kirsten’s operation as much as she understood, she even spoke lovingly to Kirsten as she went about her tasks.

I did take the obligatory photo that i know Kirsten will want to use (how focused it is for her is another thing), so once she is compos mentis she can post all about it.

I must mention that she does have her phone with her, but in ICU it’s not meant to me turned on, so if you have any messages for Kirsten, please email her, or pass them my way and I will be sure to pass them on.

The ICU unit is pretty special, it’s very impressive and its great to see she has her own “room”, in my eyes, I couldn’t have had it any other way.

She is in good hands, the surgeons will check on her every morning and evening until they are confident the surgery was successful. I’m confident, the ICU nurse and ICU doctor seem confident.

Let the Healing Begin!!

– Darren



  1. Thinking of you today, Kirsten – thinking positively on your behalf and sending good vibes in your direction.
    It’s day 12 for Matthew and he’s finally had a drink via a straw – you’ll have to play catch up now with Matthew.

  2. *gulp*
    Tony and I are going together about 3pm tomorrow. I am not at all sure I could do it by myself.
    Thanks, Darren. You’re a treasure.

  3. I saw Julie’s post on Sydney Eye.Very best wishes to all concerned from Shropshire, UK.

  4. Darren — Hi, I’m Julie’s Canadian blogging friend. Julie and I met in Paris and had a delightful visit. I’ve been following Kirsten’s amazing blog — how very brave and wonderful of her to do it. I’m sure it will help others immensely. I firmly believe we can’t all save the world but, if we can help a few other people along the way, then they can help others, etc., etc.
    I can only imagine what an impact that first post-op sight of Kirsten had on you. It must have been gut-wrenching. I know Alannah will give you plenty of reason to remain upbeat most of the time, though, and you’ll have no chance to give in to the horror of it. Yes, be strong, but be human.
    Please know there are many thoughts and prayers coming to you, to Kirsten, Alannah and Julie from here in western Canada. —Kay

  5. Noble Note says:

    Thank you so much, again; it’s tough enough to deal with the sight of Kirsten immediately post-op, yet you found the time to keep us all with you.
    If many, many light-filled thoughts can do what I believe they can, then the healing is well on its way.
    Give her our love, and keep some for you and for Alannah.

  6. Glad everything has gone so well so far. Still thinking of you all.
    Ann (another blogging friend of Julie’s)

  7. Sending much love and positive thoughts to all three of you. Please whisper in Kirsten’s ear that we are thinking of her and pleased the first bit has been a success! We have a lasange in teh freezer for you and AJ whenever your food stocks start to dip, and we are free any night to look after AJ, and any weekend. Whatever you need xxxx

  8. Woohoo!

  9. Darren and Kirsten, Bill and Diane, (blogging friends of Julie’s from Brisbane) wish you all the best for her and a speedy and full recovery. We are thinking of you.

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