Recovery – By the Book

This post will be short and sweet, and will provide an update to how Kirsten is recovering.

I met one of the surgeons who assisted Dr P and Dr A on Monday, He was the on again and off again elusive Dr S (I think that’s Kirsten’s pseudonym for this surgeon) and he was very positive on Kirsten’s recovery to date.

He said that the drains in her neck will probably be removed tomorrow, along with the drain in her leg.

The tracheostomy will remain for a further 5 – 7 days and will be removed while Kirsten is in the ward.

The Arterial Lines connected to Kirsten will be removed once she moves from ICU to her room, and I’ve informed Dr S about Kirsten’s phobia of needles and if possible, can he leave the venous lines in as long as possible. He said this was possible, but they do need to be changed, so I only hope they are prepared for what could happen. I might talk to them and ask that I be present if this happens.

Dr S also mentioned that Kirsten’s haemoglobin levels are a little on the low side, which can be expected from major surgery, but they will monitor it and make the decision is a blood transfusion is required to get the level up again.

Physiotherapy continues, while I was there (and just as Julie arrived) they moved Kirsten from the bed to the chair. Still hard work for her and I could tell, she was sleeping more after the move. Kirsten’s pain levels still remain high, but manageable.

Dr P is in town tonight and I’m hoping that I can catch up with him after he see’s Kirsten, in fact, I might just message him right now…… Back..

Dr S believes that Kirsten may be able to be moved out of ICU tomorrow, but when Kirsten and I briefly spoke about this, she would like to remain in ICU for as long as possible, why, well each ICU patient has their on ICU nurse and a team of support staff behind them. In the ward, there are 4 patients per nurse, I know the level of care will be the same in each location, but the level of attention will be different in the ward. Knowing this, and knowing Kirsten, if she is positive about her recovery she will be all the better, for me this means her staying in ICU for as long as possible.

Julie started reading to Kirsten today a favourite book from when Kirsten was younger, called Pastures of the Blue Crane, to be honest, Kirsten didn’t seem to like or dislike it, but I believe the soothing tones of someone talking at her allowed her to relax just that little bit more. She tries to stay awake to be with us, but after the umpteenth time of use telling her to rest, I think she is now listening 🙂

– Darren



  1. You have one tough woman there. Take care. Thinking of you all.

  2. Danielle says:

    You and Kirsten both have such a great way with words! Thank you so much for all the time you are spending updating us all. I have to say, almost everytime I read, I have tears of joy for all the good news and great healing that Kirsten is going through. I am thinking of you all every day, and I am amazed at how responsive the docs are to all of your questions, and how they make themselves so accessible to you if naything does come up. It surely is not like that here in the US, and I would fly to Australia for something like this if it was me too! Please give a gentle hand squeeze to Kirsten for me, and tell her again how wonderful it was to hear her cheerful voice on Sunday! Thinking of you all! Keep strong!

  3. Darren, maybe ask Kirsten today about her pseudonym for the chap from yesterday. I have tried to find it, but am not patient enough (that is bordering on funny when I re-read it). She often uses their first name, in combination with a description which is a little kick up their butt, right? I think this is the Professor bloke, the ‘elusive’.The tall thin chap with the monk’s bald patch. She will want you to get it right!

  4. Hi Darren, thanks for the update. Matthew just enjoys us being there, even if he is dozing, and he does like us talking around him, even if he isn’t verbally participating.

  5. I’m sure hearing her mother’s voice, even if she’s not taking in the words, would be comforting to Kirstin. Thanks for the updates, you are doing a wonderful job.

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