2 Steps Back 3 Steps Forward

So i was a little exhausted last night to think about a lengthy post, mainly from playing 90 minutes of soccer in this unseasonal heat.

When i visited Kirsten yesterday the last drain in her neck had been being removed. Kirsten was also being prepared for the tracheotomy to be removed. this process involves deflating a small balloon thing (I cant find the name if it), things encourages Kirsten to control he breathing and swallowing (I think), this is all in preparation for the tracheotomy to be removed.

The feeding had been increased also due to concerns about Kirstens general health, there was also mentions again of blood transfusions to up her Haemoglobin levels.

Kirsten also made the huge adventure to the bathroom, 2 things to point out here.. 1. No Dignity and 2. A mirror

As you can imagine, in her current state, there is precious little things she can do for herself, attending to ones bodily needs requires assistance from nurses. To top it off, this was the first time she had seen what she looked like.. her comments.. WOW!!

The fentanyl continues to make her feel nauseous and generally all round crappy. This continues through into the night and also, as an opiate would, starts to play little mind games. I received a few texts int he middle of the night that I didn’t receive until the morning. (sorry darling)

This morning Alannah and I went out for out usual adventure to Double Bay and our favourite cafe, we had Banana Bread and Orange, and I tried to kick-start my day with a strong coffee (it worked). During our morning tea, i received a cry for help to get her off the current pain relief, a few phone calls later to the Hospital and Dr P, I was assured that this would happen. As it turned out, when i spoke to Dr P, he was 5 minutes from the hospital and would talk with Kirsten about this. Dr P evaluated Kirsten and removed the tracheotomy. The SMS from Kirsten a few hours later.


“Doing a lot better. Changed the pain meds (thats a known side effect). Took out trachy (breathing better). Learning to swallow now. Practicing on tea and water. Learning to make some sound”


Julie has spent the morning and lunch time with Kirsten. I’ve received a few updates.

1. Kirsten was “eating” warm broth for lunch

2. After deliberation, Kirsten has agreed to the blood transfusion. I know this was something that she hoped to avoid, but in my opinion (for what its worth), anything that puts her on the fast path to recovery I would vote for.


All in all, Kirsten is feeling better now that the tracheotomy is out and the pain medication has been changed, to what, i don’t know but will updates once i have the details. She is improving all the time and now that she is able to “eat” broth and sip on tea and water I know her spirits will be lifted, another great sign!

Time to feed Alannah her afternoon tea.

– Darren



  1. That sounds like wonderful progress.
    I’m sure the transfusion will make her feel better still.

  2. Darren, the pain medication went from Fentanyl to Endone. Gail please note! *grin*

  3. Its actually OxyNorm or Oxycodone, its an Opiate based drug in the same Endone family of drugs

  4. Welcome back to your blog! I’m loving that your first post-op post is a medical correction for your mum. You couldn’t have given us a better sign that you’re returning to your old self 🙂

  5. *chuckle*

  6. Kirsten also spoke a number of times whilst I was there. It required a lot of effort and her hand on her own throat. It was a different sound sometimes, yet very recognisable at other times. I could ‘hear’ the breath she was using to create sound. Very tiring, but she will have practised it a lot by tomorrow.

  7. Hi El.. I think i’ll claim that i had the audacity to correct Julie…

    I’m glad my writing has progressed so far as to make you believe that I’m Kirsten 🙂

    I just sign my name as her…….

    – Darren

  8. Oh, you’re a funny old lot!

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