From Awful to Good

I only managed a brief visit with Kirsten today, but it was enough for me to know that she is indeed doing better. Kirsten described yesterday and last night as AWFUL, but today after the change of pain medication and the removal of the tracheotomy she is feeling good.

The tracheotomy was remove this morning by Dr P and throughout the day Kirsten has been injecting liquid into her mouth using a syringe, this is designed to get her used to swallowing again. For the time I was there, no issues.. a few coughing or hacking / breathing difficulties, but nothing serious.

The blood transfusion was occurring during my visit, I thought it would have been a quicker process, but the small amount (300ml) is infused over a 4 hour period.

The pain medication has been changed to OxyNorm (oxycodone). It’s an opiate once again (and get be addictive). Anyone interested, check out the link here . Its part of the Endone family of Pain relief medications.

Late Mail…

Kirsten is currently having the second transfusion now, so here is hoping that the Haemoglobin Level are at the right level and she can get on with healing.

Still no visitors yet, but Kirsten will let me know tomorrow how she is feeling.


– Darren

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