Best news of the day

I’ve been home since early afternoon.  While Mum didn’t get a surprise, she said it was a pretty good birthday present all the same.

But more on this later because it’s not the best news of the day.  It must just be one of those special days.

The mum of one of my close friends was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in January.  They have just had the results of her post-chemo scan.  The verdict?  No evidence of metastasis or disease.

Best.  News.  Of.  The.  Day.



  1. That is excellent news! Please convey to Danielle how delighted I am for them.

  2. Mum, no need, Danielle is reading the blog so she’ll see for herself. 🙂 Danielle, Julie is my mum.

  3. You are the BEST too! Thanks for your post. It means so much to my family. I only have tears of joy now!
    My parents will be with me this weekend and I have a surprise party planned for my Mom at the top of the mountain. We will be celebrating your victories too!

  4. Just want to say I am thinking of you all

    And that I am very impressed with Darren’s blogging

    Much love to you

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