Swelling watch

It’s recovery day 13.

Can you believe that this time only two weeks ago I was heading over to the hospital to be admitted?

It’s also been nearly a week since the last photo, taken on recovery day 8.  So I thought I’d do a little “swelling watch” video.  Still a long way to go, as you’ll see, but the swelling is going down.

My jaw is still wired.  I’m still on strong pain relief.  I’m still on crutches.  I still need assistance with lots of normal everyday tasks.  I still can’t look after Alannah.

But I am so very happy to be here already.

I’ll write more on recovery soon – including an update on our checkup yesterday with Dr P – but Alannah wants me to come play now.



  1. You’ve come a long, long way already.

  2. Off you go to tend your dear one. Meanwhile we are all hovering around wanting to help tend YOU. We’ll leave that to Julie and the rest. Many hugs to you and all.

  3. That’s a lovely photo of Ally sitting at her table. Are you a photographer once again?

    Tess always tries to sit feet-first, placing a hopeful foot up on the seat. What a muddle!

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