Slogging on

Well, it was inevitable.

It’s mid winter. Alannah is in child care three days a week.

Yes, that’s right, she brought home a lovely bout of the flu. And then she shared it with her mama.

On Wednesday afternoon, she was running a fever a bit above 38 and was clearly not happy. She woke no better this morning. We kept her home from child care and Ma (my mum) dropped everything to spend the day with us.

It is so frustrating not to be able to look after her myself, but it is lovely to see the wonderful time she and Ma have together. Fingers crossed she will be feeling cheerier tomorrow and able to go to child care. If not, I know she and Ma will have another fun day together.

And now it’s back to bed for me. I spent a good half of today sleeping. My poor little body has a lot on its plate between healing and fighting off this bug.

So we are all just slogging on. It is so much easier than what I had to cope with in hospital, so I am still optimistic and keeping my spirits up. We are all just tired. Darren too, between working, caring for us, and then working at home until late every night this week.

But there’s only perhaps a month to go until I might be walking and chewing again. Not that long to go in the scheme of things.



  1. Flu’s are the worst, hope you are both better soon. It must be uncomfortable being blocked with your mouth wired. Matt brought home the man flu last week and passed it around to both Char and I. The only light point is the snot bubbles she makes in the morning. Disgusting, yet hilarious…

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