Up close

Mum took some photos of the damage for me today.  It’s just the scars (the tracheostomy wound is dressed), but still pretty confronting.

Regardless, please don’t read on if it’s not your cup of tea.  If you are perversely intrigued, you should be able to click on the photos to see larger version on flickr.

LEFT LEG – Fibulectomy scar and swollen toes

The left foot is far less swollen now than it was.  The nurse applied betadine and steri-strips to the fibulectomy wound this morning.  At the top left, you can see two little scars where the leg drain was inserted.

Wounds Aug 22-2    Wounds Aug 22-1

NECK – Dissection scar and dressed tracheostomy wound

Can you see the three pink lumps under the neck dissection scar?  Those are the three scars that mark where the neck drains were once inserted.  I have very sensitive skin, so the dressings – both the steri-strips removed today and the tracheostomy wound dressings – have left my neck quite red and irritated.  Healing is slow and steady.

Wounds Aug 22-4    Wounds Aug 22-5


This is me smiling.  Oh yes.  There’s still a long road ahead to control the lower left side of my face.  It has been left completely numb by the surgery and will remain so because they removed the inferior alveolar nerve.  With time, I should regain control because they think the mandibular branch of the facial nerve is only damaged, either from the surgery or the swelling, and should repair itself with time.  Time and the exercises that I will begin in a few weeks with my speech therapist.

Wounds Aug 22-6



  1. Those are some AWESOME scars!
    Look how lovely and clear and bright your eyes are.

  2. They aren’t as bad as I expected and look to be healing really well. You are beautiful.

  3. I’m more concerned about the hair.
    Hardy har.

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