Food glorious food

That might have been the longest blogging hiatus ever.

There isn’t any reason really. I am still recovering, slowly but surely. More slowly now it seems. At the beginning, every day brought leaps and bounds. Now, five weeks to the day since my surgery, there is less to distinguish the days.

Not a complaint, I hasten to add. I’m happily spending my days reading books, sleeping, having coffee, feeding a new Mad Men addiction (thanks Alison!), organising my digital photos, expanding my world a little with a news article or two… I’ve only had one bout of cabin fever. I suppose I had expected this recovery to feel interminable and draining. While I don’t have boundless energy, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

And, of course, there are lots of little milestones to celebrate. On Saturday, as hoped, Dr P cut the wires on my jaw. The braces (IMF) remain for another four weeks and I have to wear elastics to hold my jaw in place when not eating, but I can graduate from liquids to soft foods. The gap between my teeth is still only a few millimetres and I do lack a certain finesse. Alannah and I eating is a sight to behold.

But it is glorious to eat food again. I have feasted on scrabbled eggs, buttered toast, cherry ripe, sushi, mac and cheese*, risotto**, pear, and cheddar cheese. I have to cut everything into thin slices and eat with a teaspoon but it is oh so worth it. I can chew the soft foods on my right side, although perhaps the word I’m looking for there is mash rather than chew.

And tonight I’ve gone all out and cooked. Yes, cooked. Chicken pot pie. I have made a bit of a hash of the recipe and forgot a few ingredients, but it’s a start.

Can you believe that I’ll be off crutches in only two weeks from today?

p.s. Sorry about the ads that have started appearing at the end of my posts. I don’t know when that started (they don’t appear on the blog when I’m logged in) and I can’t work out how to get rid of them. I think I’m stuck with them. The blog was free and they do say there is no such thing as a free lunch. I must not have read the fine print.

* Thanks El! I couldn’t believe it when I found one still hidden in the back of the freezer. Darren thought he’d eaten them all so had to share.
** Thanks Cass! I nicked one of Alannah’s, just for taste testing of course…



  1. nice to hear from you again Kirsten, have been waiting patiently for the next installment! LOL

  2. Glad you are ok. Was starting to think you had suffered an upsetting setback. Thanks for your nice email, by the way. Impressed with your eating skills. I guess we just don’t appreciate how much food contributes to our happiness, how much joy the whole eating experience can bring, until we can’t eat properly. Preparing dinner, sitting at the table, talking about the day, enjoying the taste… Hopefully this is all going to come back to you again now that you can eat proper food.

  3. Good to see you back posting, was getting worried that you had had a setback. Glad you can start to enjoy “real” food again.

  4. Too funny how we all start worrying when we don’t get daily updates! You set every bar rather high, see.

    It struck me recently that it’s actually quite odd to ‘hear’ your voice regularly through this blog. Your satisfyingly eloquent style creates a false sense of speech.

    Glad you had a pleasant freezer surprise. Welcome back to the kitchen. Next stop: a picnic in the sunshine!

  5. Yayyy glad you are back online xxx

  6. Matthew Kendall says:


    Isn’t it great getting past sucking down soups and other bland liquids! I remember my first pasta dish scince my operation and it was great. About a week after the braces came off I tried Japanese Sashimi – very challenging (now its a lot easier) and I can eay more decent (bite) sized chunks of soft meats – roast lamb and grilled chicken.

    I share with you that I found my teeth looked realy wonky for about a week after the braces were removed – then they all just straightened up. I can eat soft meats now and chew carefully. My tongue’s nerve had micro surgery to re-attach a nevre – so its tough moving it to the left to move food around my mouth the way I want – but apparently this will come back in time.

    Can’t wait till you’re off crutches – regaining mobility is just one more major milestone to a very healthy recovery

    Best regards, Matthew

  7. I’m sorry I worried you all. If there had been a setback, I’d have been here. Some days, I’m just getting through the day and that’s all I accomplish.
    Matthew – I had sushi the day after my wires were cut! I couldn’t wait. It feels so good to cook and eat real food, even if I have to cut it into small pieces. I am really looking forward to walking properly again.

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