The wheels are in motion for me to go back to hospital to get my braces removed in two weeks.  It’s just day surgery but under general anaesthetic.

I ditched the big black boot yesterday and started rolling my foot over in sneakers.  Slowly, gently, still with two crutches.  Then today I tried one crutch.  Even slower and really awkward.  But a few hours later it felt natural and I even pottered around home with no crutch at all.

Not bad progress for one weekend, hey?

Mum took some follow up photos of my scars today and I’ll post them tomorrow.  They’re not quite so brutal as last time but again probably not for the faint hearted.



  1. Congrats Kirsten!! Little steps that are sooo HUGE!
    I’m thinking of you constantly and keeping up with each of your posts (even if I’m not able to comment!)
    You continue to inspire me every day!
    Love you!

  2. That’s wonderful progress, just don’t overdo it and put yourself back a few steps.

  3. Annette Whitfield says:

    You’re doing so well in such a short time, girlfriend – swelling has gone down heaps and you’re healing really well and looking good! Keep up the fantastic recovery – you are amazing. Luv moi

  4. It is wonderful progress, isn’t it? Of course, I always want it to go faster. But then I wouldn’t be able to keep up. Slow and steady has its merits.

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