Six short weeks

Monday marked six weeks since my surgery on 1 August.

It’s been six short weeks compared with the expected trajectory. But it has also been six long weeks compared with the old normal. People say, wow, it’s September already; the year has flown by.

I hope in a year, when I look back on this time, that I remember how good it is to walk again, to talk again, to eat again. Right now, I feel so very lucky.

Here are the photos of my face and neck. I’ll post photos of my leg tomorrow.

6 weeks post op-2-Edit.jpg

6 weeks post op-3-Edit.jpg

6 weeks post op-4-Edit.jpg



  1. georgin Bett says:

    Dear Kirsten

    Your little girl is just beautiful (you know that though). I hope you are getting better and better every day and that the pain and discomfort is easing. Allison has kept us informed of your progress.

    Keep well and I send my best wishes you.


  2. Your face and neck are showing so much improvement! And your hair is stunning ;0)

    Tell us more of Ally’s new tricks! Surely you’re enjoying seeing her changing every day.

    Gratitude is the key to happiness in my experience, too.

  3. Hi Georgina – Thanks for visiting my blog. Of course I think Alannah is beautiful, but then I would, wouldn’t I? It feels so good to be able to do more with her and for her now as I slowly get more mobile.
    El – Ha! Alannah also needs a hair cut now. Once I’m a bit more steadily on my feet, I’m going to have to brave the salon mirrors. Has Tessi had a hair cut yet? I will definitely take my camera…

  4. Sandra Dunn says:

    I love the full face Kirsten….men love a woman with lots of cheek!

    You will be amazed at how well the leg scar will heal & diminish with time. The doc has done a whiz-bang job on the needle work generally he will be your friend for life!


  5. Tony, love it! I’ll remember that one. And don’t you worry, my plastic surgeon and his side kick weren’t shy about telling me what a great job they’d done!

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