Six short weeks, continued

And now for the leg. Dr A took skin, bone, soft tissue, a vein and an artery from the left leg to reconstruct my jaw bone.

He was managed to close the leg with just a linear scar. While I escaped a skin graft from my backside to close the wound, it meant they had to close it tightly with internal sutures and it is taking a while to scar completely.

The loss of soft tissue and bone has also left my leg slightly indented on the outer side. You might be able to see this in the second photo.

I am about to pour myself into bed, so will blog later on how things are progressing.

6 weeks post op-7-Edit.jpg

6 weeks post op-12-Edit.jpg



  1. Glad to see you doing well and wish you all the very best for a speedy recovery. Can relate somewhat with six surgeries in five weeks to repair fractures in my arm and leg, graft from hip bone and fighting infection. Just returned home after six weeks in hospital. Good luck and stay positive. 🙂

  2. Hi Jim – Thanks for the well wishes. One 12-hour surgery and 10 days in hospital were quite enough for me, though I’ll be back for more next weekend. That sounds like quite an experience and kudos to you for getting through six weeks in hospital. I had wonderful nurses and doctors but couldn’t wait to get home.

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