A quick surgery

I’ll be back in hospital on Friday for a quick surgery to remove the arch bars (braces) from my teeth.  It’s just day surgery, but under general anaesthetic.  Lots going on, but I’ll be in touch soon, promise.




  1. Great to hear you are already up to this stage of your recovery – getting the braces off will make a huge difference to how you feel – hope all goes well. Luv moi

  2. Best wishes for the weekend. It’s meant to be unimpressive weather so you won’t be missing anything ;0)

  3. Good luck, Kirsten. Had my stitches out today and should be able to start physio next week. The photos of your daughter are delightful. 🙂

  4. Sandra Dunn says:

    Congratulations & good luck Friday.
    Hope you got off the crutches yesterday.

  5. Annette – It has made a HUGE difference… so did an evening lying under my gorgeous recovery quilt with lots of pain killers and television…
    El – So I can see already! Have you the number of scratches on Tess’ legs exploded with the summer clothing? Ally takes no prisoners.
    Jim – Each steps makes such a difference.
    Sandra/Tony – I’m pretty much off crutches now, but I’m using one when my ankle and calf muscle seize up and won’t co-operate.

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