I forgot to mention that it’s my beloved’s birthday today.  We are going down the road for dinner to celebrate.  I’m nil by mouth after midnight, except sips of water up to 6.45am.

It’s my first “night out” since the surgery and my second attempt at eating in public.

Suffice to say I am so much more excited than he is!  A three hour sleep today helped.



  1. I hope that you have a grand time! I’m excited for you!

  2. Ha! Good blokes must be born during this week.
    Vince’s birthday today (23rd) and STILL ALIVE!! – Awesome.
    Happy birthday to your fella.
    And so wonderful to see you making positive progress.

  3. Kate – Thanks. It was great to get out even if it took forever for me to eat.
    Letty – Happy Birthday Vince! And not half bad to be alive either!

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