Surgery junkie

Fun fact: tomorrow marks my fourth surgery for the year and my eighth in the (going on) eight years Darren and I have been together.

You always think of yourself as fairly healthy but, my, I have racked up a good surgery count, haven’t I?

Tomorrow’s surgery should be quick, but the whole shebang will take most of the day.  We have to be at the hospital for admission at 8.45am and this time I report to the day surgery unit, not the ward.  My surgery should come on about 10.45am.  I’ll wake up from the general anaesthetic in the recovery unit and, as soon as I’m ready to go home, they’ll call Darren to collect me.

My last experience of recovery from day surgery was pretty ordinary, but that was another hospital.  I’m not at all worried about tomorrow.    I feel like a bit of an old hand at it now.

And I won’t be the only old hand there tomorrow.  My dad has his annual checkup and it happens to be at the hospital clinic where his surgeon now has rooms.  If only hospitals gave family frequent flyer points.

I will tell you about how my physio and speech therapy is progressing, but another time.

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