More wiiiii

After three rounds of ‘Where is the Green Sheep?’ and one round of ‘Go Dog Go’, Alannah is in the bath.  Darren is overseeing proceedings and I’m going to get to the point.

The point I was aiming for in the last post.

I saw my physio, E, for the second time on Tuesday.  (I’d had to cancel last Friday because my surgery was moved up from Saturday at the last minute.)  She massaged my ankle and leg and gave me exercises to do at home.

And yesterday I did none of them.

But I did also say to her I was thinking of breaking out the wii fit which she thought an excellent idea.  Today I spent nearly an hour going through all the yoga and muscle exercises on the wii fit to see what I could and couldn’t do.  Tree, single leg extension, single leg twist and sideways leg lift are all out until I can balance for longer on my left leg.

I designed and saved my own routine, a mix of yoga and muscle exercises.  Half moon, warrior, sun salutation, standing knee, palm tree, chair, torso and waist twists, rowing squat, lunge, warrior, sun salutation.  All up, 11 exercises and 21 minutes.  A number are tough because they require balance or at least more weight on my left leg, but I have mixed it up enough that the routine is achievable.

Even better, it covers all the sorts of exercises E wanted me to do.  Except stretching my leg/ankle using a towel so I’ll do that separately.

And what’s more, I did the routine once through and it even feels good.  Let’s see if I can do it twice a day.  Or at least twice more before I see E again tomorrow afternoon for my next physio session.



  1. Way to motivate Kirsten!!! I know your physio will be impressed…because I am!

  2. I am following your progress and thank you for sharing your tale of bravery and struggle. You have much to fight for with that precious daughter and sweet husband. You go girl!

    I loved meeting your mum in Paris last April and hope to see her again next May.


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