Silver lining

Remember I said that this hasn’t been all negative by any stretch?

It’s been great to meet (virtually for the most part) so many people with such spirit, determination and positive outlook.  And to be able to help in a small way.

Kimberly left a little comment here about her little girl a week ago.  Kiden is just eight years old and has a large tumour in her left mandible.

Very early this morning our time, Kiden had her first surgery to remove the tumour that they’ve nicknamed Ted.  Ted was the size of a ping pong ball, enormous on an eight-year-old.  Yet it’s less than 12 hours since her surgery and Kiden has already bounced back, playing with playdoh and watching TV.  How wonderful is that?

Kiden probably has more surgery in front of her (they do things differently in the US, opting for multiple surgeries rather than the all-in-one they do here in Australia) and she and her family have a week or so’s wait in front of them for the pathology results (I understand ameloblastoma is the expected diagnosis, still to be confirmed).  But Kiden is showing herself to be a little fighter and Kimberly is holding it all together too.  It’s no easy feat to see your little girl go through this.  My hat’s off to her.

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