Positive habits

There were signs it was time to start an exercise habit.

I felt like it.  Always a good sign.

Last week, while I waited at the physio’s, I read an article in Women’s Health magazine.  Reboot Your Life in 21 Days, it screamed from the cover.

Ben, over at BenBBrave, wrote about how ‘go home and rest’ is outdated advice for people with cancer.  Not only that, he’s out there doing it.

I blogged on Thursday about my new Wii Fit habit.  I now do it every morning.  This week, I’m going to do it every evening.  I’m also taking time most evenings to relax in a warm bath and read.

Alannah is interested.  When I do the lunge and sun salutation, she too lifts her hands above her head.  This morning, she wanted to get on the Wii Fit board too.

Motherhood - Week 3

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