Chew toys

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These are my tools of trade for my jaw exercises.

On the left are ten tongue depressors in the finger of a blue rubber glove.   I don’t wield them as the dentist does to hold down your tongue when you say ahhh.  I put them between my teeth to prise my jaw open and gently, so gently, to improve the flexibility of my jaw.  I’m supposed to add to the number of depressors in the glove finger, but I’m still stuck on ten.

On the right are two ‘chewy tubes‘.  Specially designed for jaw rehabilitation.  I look – and drool – like Alannah with her bath toys.

I’m meant to use the depressors five times for five seconds each and to chew the tube for thirty seconds.  Repeated five times throughout the day.

To get close to that, I needed a strategy.  I’ll make it a pre-condition of each cup of tea, I thought.

I should have done it easily.  And yet, I didn’t.  Out of sight, out of mind.

Now my tools have pride of place on the window sill next to the kettle.

And next to the straws: a reminder of just how far I’ve come in the last two months.



  1. How many cm would 10 depressors be?
    How much further could you go?

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