Back in the swing

How quickly you get out of the swing of things.

One day, you don’t blog.  It’s easier the next.  A few days go past.  Then bam, it’s been three weeks.  And here I am, staring at an empty page not knowing how to start.

There are medical updates to share, of course, but this past month has been all about moving towards ‘real life’.  What have I been up to?

I took Alannah out by myself.  The first time it was only up and down the street.  Now I take her to the local beach most days (when the weather obliges) and pick her up from child care.

I went to the races.  In heels!  Yes, I asked my physio first and she approved.  Indeed, it was easier to walk in heels than in flats with my less mobile left ankle.

I became addicted to Letters and Numbers.  6pm on SBS1.  The banter is as excruciating as watching the Wallabies, but the puzzles make up for it (especially if you employ the mute button liberally).  And if you tune in to the show’s next ‘finals’, you’ll catch my friend Shaun doing his thang.  His run as carry-over champion ended last night when he reached the maximum six nights allowed on the show.

I drove.  I’d wanted, planned, intended to do it for two weeks by the time I plucked up the courage.  In my head, it seemed a big deal but, in practice, a breeze.

I felt like me again.  Alannah and I used to pack our days with outings.  Just this Wednesday, we went to Centennial Park with Grandad in the morning, then to the Art Gallery and The Domain with Ma in the afternoon.  Sure, I had a sleep in-between but I didn’t feel as drained and sapped as I have since May.



  1. Wow. You are really forging ahead. So glad to get the update.

  2. Isn’t it wonderful when you feel like yourself again? I’m so happy for you.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  3. Sandra Dunn says:

    Fantastic….the difference three weeks makes….no stopping you now!!

  4. Thanks everyone. I do love having more energy again.

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