As many of you know, I asked a lot of questions before my surgery.

You can’t ask everything, of course, although I gave it a good go.

A friend asked what has surprised me.  Here are a few things.

Sushi.  It’s still too wide to fit through my compromised jaw.  At home, I can slice it thinly.  Out, it’s pretty much in the too-hard basket.

Chocolate powder.  It’s too messy because I can’t feel my lower lip and chin.  I’ve made the move from cappuccinos to flat whites.

Lipstick.  It’s harder than I expected.  And I mean even with a mirror.

Spaghetti.  I got the hang of swallowing and chewing again quite quickly, but spaghetti can still trip me up.  It somehow gets caught on my toothless side and I start to choke.

Cereal.  Just messy.  Period.

Speed.  I am always the last to finish a meal.  Only chewing on one side slows you down.

And in good news on the recovery front, my left leg and ankle are slowly becoming more mobile.  My knee is now less than 2cm short of level with my big toe.



  1. Keep it up, Kirsten. 🙂 Glad to hear things are improving. I only just moved off two crutches to one crutch this week. Never expected it to take this long for the mobility to return to my leg but apparently it was expected after keeping it so immobile for 8 weeks while the bone graft healed. I still have swelling in the knee and can’t bend it all the way yet but all the exercises are helping. Cheers. All the best.

  2. Thanks Jim. That’s a long time on crutches! It’s surprising how much damage being immobile does, isn’t it? I’m still going to the physio – now only once a week – and there is a still a way to go. Still, it’s nothing in the scheme of things and I consider myself lucky.

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