Cone beam scan

On Friday, I had a cone beam scan.  It’s a special type of CT scan.

Like an MRI, you lie on your back and have to stay still.  Super.  Still. No boom-boom-shake-the-room music like the MRI, but you can’t move a millimetre.  Seriously.

There are test pictures and then 35-seconds of shallow-breakthing-no-swallowing stillness.

One in five have to repeat it, he said.  Only one in five?  I got it on the second go.  Somehow.

Panoramic view

This is the ‘panoramic view’.  Can you see the screws in the titanium plate?

Yep, more than I expected.  There are five down at the chin, four up near the cheek, plus another in the middle.

20111216 Cone beam 01 panoramic view.jpg

Left lingual and buccal view

And this is the ‘left lingual and buccal view’.  Tongue and cheek, in other words.

Can you see how the plate sticks out at an angle beyond the leg-now-jaw bone?

If it looks painful, that’s because it now is. It’s been causing me pain for the last two weeks. And it’s getting worse.

20111216 Cone beam 02 left lingual and buccal view.jpg


The bone has fused. It’s not the strongest join. Dr P, my oral surgeon, thinks he may use some artificial bone to strengthen the join. More about that next time.

Just over three weeks to go. Let’s do this thing!



  1. Geez, what are those little floating bits?
    Metal filings?

  2. One attractive looking jaw, huh? They look like metal filings, don’t they?

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