Pre-surgery jitters

All of a sudden, I got the pre-surgery jitters yesterday. Curling up with Darren and chocolate on the couch last night helped, but I still can’t shift this queasy feeling.

Am I worrying that anything might go wrong? Not at all. If something were to go wrong, as Darren pointed out, I’m in the hands of the best surgeons we could find and they’ll know what to do.

Relative to my major surgery in August, I know this is – to quote so many of you this week – “a walk in the park”. I agree and there’s a lot to be said for putting things in perspective. Then again, it’s still a two to three hour surgery, my neck is still being sliced open again, and it’s still going to be a painful recovery.

Outside of Tumourtown, I still have a long to-do list and I’m just feeling that little bit overwhelmed. Admission time at the hospital today is 2pm. At that point, I can do no more. Until then, I have things to do…



  1. Of course, you have some jitters! You have every right to feel concerned, and I think that it speaks well of you! It’s easy for us to say that “it’s a walk in the park” but you’re the one who is facing surgery and more pain. Stay as positive as you have been; it has served you well. Positive thoughts are winging your way!

    From a perfect stranger who admires you enormously, Kate Mura from St. Paul, MN, USA

  2. Thanks Kate. I do my best. And I am feeling much better too.

  3. Sometimes the second time around is harder than the first.
    I hope everything went ok and that the medication is agreeing with you.

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