Surgery morning

It’s the morning of my surgery. I am third on the list and scheduled for 9am, though they can run a little late.

A new nurse just popped her head in. She didn’t know whether I needed the special pink pre-surgery wash and said I needed a doctor to ‘chart it’ if I want an emla patch. Oh oh. I hope things go up from here. I wouldn’t want to be the anaesthetist sticking anything in my arm if the arm were not already desensitised.

That aside, my pre-surgery jitters have calmed. Let it begin.



  1. Special thoughts heading your way, my friend – stay strong – this is all part of your recovery journey. A tough few days ahead, I know – keep the faith. Lotsaluv, Annette xxox

  2. Thanks Annette. Feeling good. I got my wash and emla too – all ready to go. Just waiting on ‘the call’ from the theatre and they will whisk me away.

  3. It will be over soon. thinking of you.

  4. Just heard from Darren. Surgery finished about 1130. Kirsten is conscious and in recovery. Back on the ward about 2pm. He will go over about then. I hope to go over there this early evening. He has spoken to the nurse not to the doctor yet.

  5. Kirsten just phoned me, Her voice is raspy, to be expected. She has one drain in her neck, and a tube for fluids, but that is all. She is hungry. I will go there about 4pm.

  6. thanks for the update.

  7. She phoned???
    And she’s hungry???
    Way to go, Kirsten!!

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