After surgery

My surgery yesterday went from about 10am to 11.30am. I was awake in recovery by about 12.30pm and back in my room on the ward by about 1.30pm.

It is so much less painful than the major surgery in August last year. I am not on ‘background’ pain relief, just the little green button that I press as I need it (PCA). I started with morphine but they moved me back to fentanyl yesterday evening.

It seems I’m not so crash hot on morphine either. The nausea yesterday was quite intense (I threw up in four separate incidents) but has eased a bit overnight. I couldn’t keep down liquids, let alone food. My blood pressure is also quite low and they are looking into that.

I was able to make phone calls yesterday to Darren and my parents. Darren and Mum also came over for visits.

Darren is trying to get some information about how the surgery went. He was going to drop in on Dr P on the way home yesterday.



  1. Yea! it’s over and better than you expected! Although still no fun I’m sure! I am sending you a big hug xox

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