Surgeon visit

My surgeon, Dr P, visited a few minutes ago.

The surgery went well, he said, and they removed the titanium plate and scews. The new jaw bone from last year’s surgery had fused nicely and no artificial bone was needed to strengthen it.

The drain in my neck can probably come out this afternoon, he said. I can eat normally.

He’ll check in on me tomorrow morning. All going well and depending on my pain levels, I can go home tomorrow (Sunday). Always good to exceed expectations.



  1. Wuhoo … good one!
    How about the blood pressure?
    And what did you have for brekkie?

  2. That’s wonderful news.
    Hope you get to go home tomorrow.
    Here’s to a hiccup free recovery.

  3. Wow !!! that is great news, hope you get home as soon as you feel up to it and continue to improve and mend well.

  4. You are amazing. Onwards and upwards.

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