Another surgery. And why not?

Today is one month since my fifth surgery.  Five surgeries in the nine months since I was diagnosed with a tumour on 9 May 2011.  (The precise diagnosis of ameloblastoma did not occur until later.)

Sometime in late March, I will have my sixth surgery.  No more counting them on one hand.  Indeed, I may have hit double figures for surgeries in the eight years that Darren and I have been together.

What fun surgery awaits us now?

I will lose the back tooth on the top left (tooth number 27) and the fibula flap below will be cleaned up, to use my surgeon’s euphemism. I can choose between general anaesthetic and local anaesthetic in the chair.  I’ll likely opt for the chair, as I did for the removal of my wisdom teeth back in 2006.

There’s been a niggling soreness right at the back of what used to be my gum.  It felt like a blister on the back of your heel being continually irritated by your shoe.  It was worse in the afternoon and evening exacerbated, I thought, from talking too much.

Not too far off, as it turned out.  I am suffering from hyper keratosis caused by masceration of the fibula flap that replaced my left lower jaw.  Yes indeed, I’m biting myself.  I don’t have much feeling in the area except right at the back.  (The sensory nerve, as you may recall, was removed in my mandibulectomy.)  The back tooth at the top, for want of teeth to push against, is destroying the soft tissue that they’ve fashioned into a sort of toothless gum.

It’s not pretty.

Out with the culprit tooth.  Out, out, I say.

The first available surgery date is not until sometime in late March.  Stay tuned.

And for those hanging out to see the charming photos from my recent surgery, I’ll have them up here soon too.



  1. After having part of your leg put into your jaw, the mere removal of a tooth must seem like a piece of cake, but of course it is still a surgical procedure. Hoping you don’t gnaw yourself too much in the meantime.

  2. Geez….You must be mentally exhausted with all this now. Yes, I know you will say that in comparison it is not a big deal but it is. So there, you are not allowed to say that anymore 😉

    The fact that you can still not put this behind you, that there still seems to be no final prospect of an End Date must be exhausting.

    Just want to say that I think you are doing wonderfully well, both with your personal tribulations but also with Alannah (from what I can read anyway).

  3. Point taken 🙂

    However… the last surgery to remove the plate reduced the pain in my jaw. Yes, it hurt a lot afterwards, the post-op nausea and vomiting wasn’t fun, and the jaw still aches, but it’s better than it was. The next surgery will reduce the soreness at the back of my “gum”. Yes, it will hurt initially too – a LOT – but within a week, it will be better than before.

    I’m not sure that it is ever really over, but I’d like to think I’ve been through the worst of it. I’m not wasting time worrying about what is to come. No time or inclination for that, though of course I do have my ups and downs.

    Alannah rocks. But I would say that, wouldn’t I?

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