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On 6 May 2011, I found a strange lump inside my mouth.  Three days later, my dentist sent me for an x-ray that confirmed a ‘cyst’.  The cyst turned out to be a tumour.  The tumour turned out to be ameloblastoma. The ameloblastoma turned out not to be cancer.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.  By 31 May, the day after my first biopsy, I just knew this was going to be big.  There was already too much information to track, too many people to tell, and too much everything to digest.  I started this blog to clear my head and share news.

But that’s enough about me.  Why are you here?

Are you or a loved one facing ameloblastoma?

It’s daunting and confronting, I know, but you.will.be.fine. You will come through this and you’ll find you are so much stronger than you thought you were.

Feel free to browse and please: join us at the ameloblastoma group on Facebook.  Between them, they’ve felt and seen it all before.

Are you interested in the immediate recovery after a mandibulectomy and mandibular reconstruction?

You might like to start reading here.  It’s the first post that my husband wrote on the day of my surgery, just after he had spoken to my oral and plastic surgeons.

He wrote many of the posts in Phase 3: Hospital that covers from the day before my surgery (31 July 2011) until I left hospital 10 days later (10 August 2011), as well as my mum’s photos and my reflections on my ICU stay.

Are you wondering why there’s now an introduction?

The lovely C, the speech therapist who visited me the night before my major operation and whose colleague F was my treating therapist, asked to share my blog in their daily email to staff at another hospital as part of Swallowing Awareness Week. There has also been a trickle of messages from people diagnosed with ameloblastoma. I thought a little welcome message might help with directing traffic so people can get where they want to go.

Thank you for reading.

I might not be posting as often, but I’m still around and will get back to you as soon as life allows. You can also contact me at marsupialmum at gmail dot com.

Marsupial Mum

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