Surgery photos

Are you ready?  These photos are in your face.

Well ok, they are in my face.

And yet, I wasn’t shocked.  It must be surgery-fatigue.  I’m not even shocked anymore.

But I didn’t want some poor soul happening upon this site by accident and being greeted by my dissected neck.  With their morning coffee.  It’s a bit much.

To see my latest surgery in all its technicoloured glory, you have to click on these two links.

Plate held against my dissected neck after the operation

Close up of plate held against my dissected neck after the operation





  1. You are right; the photos are not for the faint of heart. My best wishes go with you again. I am so sorry that you have to endure all this pain.

  2. Kirsten, in the first photograph, what is the red ‘flesh’ at the top right? Is it just a bloodied surgic al glove …

  3. @Kate – Thanks. I’m glad to have the photos to look back on… when all this is a distant memory…

    @Mum – Yes, just a surgical glove I think. The plate came away cleanly, they said, and the photos weren’t taken until after the surgery in any case.

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