The year mark

9 May was the one year anniversary of initial diagnosis.

And today?  One year since THAT surgery.

iPhone shots, early morning, 1 August 2012
No filter, just the glorious morning light in our apartment
Necklace from Danielle

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  1. I’ve thought about you a great deal lately and am happy to see how well you look and how you continue your journey with great courage. Kudos for you and your loving family. Carry on!

  2. JulieMumMa says:

    Sweetie, I think it testament to the strength of your recovery that I forgot totally the significance of today’s date. I stand in awe. Really. Awe.

  3. You are astounding. Its good to see you looking so well and hear that everything is going really well.

  4. You’re a survivor, girlfriend, and still look as gorgeous as ever! One year down, the rest of your life to go lotsaluv Annette xxox

  5. Wow already, so much has happened for you in the last year, its exhausting thinking about it hahaha, onwards and upwards this year thats for sure. Thats one mighty fine scar you have there!

  6. Thank you for all your kind words. Shall post soon about my latest surgery complication – my ear, this time…

  7. As we settle into our 30s, I’m confronted with the sobering reality that serious illness is not confined to the seemingly faraway realm of our parents’ and grandparents’ generations.

    In the past year, more and more friends have found themselves in serious medical situations. It doesn’t become less shocking with each new diagnosis.

    K, your honesty in describing your experiences has greatly informed my perspective on serious illness: diagnosis, surgery, medication, recovery, and all the quotidian aspects of living through the unimaginable. Particularly at our age.

    Congratulations on your progress, and your attitude, in the past year, and thank you for sharing the ups and downs of your incredible ride.

    (Loving the subtle cleverness of the pun in your post title 🙂

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