Hospital details

A few of you have asked about visiting in hospital.  I’m told the hospital’s visiting rules for intensive care are family only, but you’re very welcome to visit when I’m up on the ward.

The first week

I will likely be in intensive care for the first week, but I might be on the ward by the weekend (Saturday 6 & Sunday 7 August).

Darren will continue the blog while I’m in intensive care.  He will post updates as much as he can.

Of course, you can also call him on his mobile or my mobile or email him at marsupialmum at gmail dot com.

Calling me

Once I’m up on the ward, I’ll have my mobile and there will also be a phone in my room.  You can call the hospital on 9812 3000 and the website says they can transfer you to the phone in my room.

Please remember I will have my jaw wired shut so I will be talking through clenched teeth.  I will also be perfecting my drooling and learning how to swallow, chew and talk.  You will probably find me hard to understand and the conversation will be one-sided (enjoy that while it lasts!).

Emailing me

I’ll be back online once I’m up in the ward.  I know I’ve been terrible at responding lately but I do read and appreciate every comment, email, facebook message, and text.

Visiting me

Visiting hours are 11am to 8pm.  I’ll be in Ward 4, but I don’t know which room.

Macquarie University Hospital is at 3 Technology Place, Macquarie University (off Talavera Road).  The best place to park is underneath the hospital building.  Reception is on the ground level, so just ask.

A friendly warning: the coffee at the cafe downstairs is AWFUL.  Darren attests that the BBQ pork sandwiches are too.  Don’t say you haven’t been warned!

Hospital room on the ward

I will have my own room in intensive care and also on the ward.

Here are some photos of the ward rooms, courtesy of the hospital website.  There’s a small wardrobe and fridge over in the right of the photo and the ensuite is off to the left.  The computer “cockpit” is very cool: television, movies, radio, internet, telephone, as well as meal ordering and medical records.


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