ABOUT health care

How Doctors Think (Jerome Groopman)

Better (Atul Gawande)

The Checklist Manifesto (Atul Gawande)

Letting Go: What should medicine do when it can’t save your life? (Atul Gawande)

ABOUT ameloblastoma (my tumour)

The Ameloblastoma: Primary Curative Surgical Management (Carlson & Marx)

Ameloblastoma on Facebook

Ameloblastoma on Yahoo Health Groups

Amelowhat? (Laura)

Atxameloguy (Chris)

Journeys of Life (Brenda)

Renewing strength (Tina)

ABOUT confronting the tough stuff

Bouncy Bean (Marieke) – her wife had brain tumour

BenBBrave (Ben) – colorectal cancer

Amazing Grace (Elizabeth) – her daughter Grace has Rett Syndrome

Still A Lovely Life (Rachel) – cancer

Living with Rett Syndrome (Catriona) –  her daughter Amy has Rett Syndrome

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