Full-time position: Eater

The big day is approaching.  A little over two weeks to go now.

Today, I took myself off to see the dietitian at our local medical centre.  I have little appetite and still experience intermittent nausea.  Particularly throughout the middle of the day, I struggle to eat.  I do try, but find food entirely unappetising and difficult to digest.  I need help to get into the best physical condition I can.

JR was attentive and practical.  She quickly dismissed the theory that has been bandied about (you know who you are) that I should just eat lots of McDonalds.

The aim, she said, is to build muscle not fat.  I need to eat more protein at each meal, including breakfast.  Toast with jam, she cautioned, has no nutritional value.  Point taken.  I also need to eat more regularly, with high protein snacks between meals.

It’s daunting.  No doubt about that.  The meal plan we put together reminds me of how I used to eat while pregnant.  (Except for the yoghurt and icecream.  Goodness knows why I could tolerate milk but who am I to question?)  Of course, while pregnant, I had an appetite and meal preparation was not accompanied by a toddler determinedly shaking the gate between her and the kitchen’s temptations.

It’s a full time job, JR agreed.  That’s why people struggle with weight loss: it is time intensive and it is labour intensive.

So far, so good.  I headed straight to the health store for the pea protein powder and then to the supermarket to stock up.  I didn’t even call Darren back until I had diligently eaten my lunch.

Where there’s a will, they say…


BREAKFAST: 7.30am-8am (after Alannah’s breakfast)

  • Natural muesli (1/2 to 1 cup raw) made into porridge with soy/oat milk + honey + fruit (tinned, banana, apple puree)
MORNING TEA: 10am (when Alannah has morning tea)
  • 1 serve protein powder + 250ml oat/soy milk + honey
LUNCH: 12.30pm (when Alannah has lunch)
  • Sandwich with wholegrain bread + butter + avocado + cheese + tomato, OR
  • 2 slices wholegrain toast + 2-3 eggs/baked beans + cheese on top, OR
  • 2 sushi hand rolls (including protein – tuna, salmon, chicken, tofu), OR
  • Soup + 2 slices wholegrain toast + butter
AFTERNOON TEA: 3pm (when Alannah asleep)
  • 1 serve protein powder + 250ml oat/soy milk + honey
PRE-DINNER SNACK: 5pm (while Alannah has dinner)
  • Toast + cheese/hummus/avocado, OR
  • Fruit English muffin + ricotta
DINNER: 7.30pm
  • As usual – follow the ‘plate model’ of 1/3 veg, 1/3 protein and 1/3 carbohydrates
  • E.g. 200g lean mince + 2 cups cooked pasta + 2-3 cups of variety of veges/salad
  • 1 serve protein powder + 250ml oat/soy milk + honey, OR
  • So Good soy icecream