Three months

It’s been a little over three months since my surgery.

Three long months. Or three short months. It’s all about your perspective.

I’m looking a lot more like my old self. But see for yourself.

The left of my jaw (on the right in the photo) is much squarer. The titanium plate protrudes just below my ear. Like I’m munching on a triangle. When I last saw my oral and maxillofacial surgeon, he confirmed he’ll likely remove the plate next year. The new leg-bone-now-jaw-bone will stand on its own.

Do you like my hat? -- 3

My left leg scar is healing well. It is a ruddy purple now. By this time next year, it should be white.

Motherhood - Week 7



  1. You look fantastic.

  2. Thanks Ann. I’ll have to post a close-up on my funky jaw after my next checkup with the plastic surgeon tomorrow. It’s certainly not what I was expecting!

  3. You are beautiful, both inside and out. You have endured a great deal, and I feel honored that you chose to share this journey of yours with us. May your days ahead be less troublesome and pain free!!

  4. You are stylish, trendy and BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the matching hats too! Let the healing continue!

  5. Good to see you are doing so well and looking good.
    Did you track down the “scarless healer” ? hope you find it works for you.

  6. Hip hip hooray for you!
    I bet you are grateful for the inner stubborn streak now (of course, I’m just guessing you’ve got one).
    As for the plastic surgery….
    I guess it’s how you feel about square jaws – personally I think they age better!
    Maybe you could leave that one how it is and get the good one to match!

  7. Lovely photographs with great colour in the first one in particular.

    Glad to hear things are going well. I guess when things return to normal, there is less need to blog. There is less to ‘get out of your system’ and the most urgent emotions have been dealt with. Life is, hopefully, less upside down now for you and your family. This has been a tough year, with all the other things going on as well. I hope things will get better as you continue to heal.

  8. Yes, I DO like your hat!

  9. Thanks everyone. I am enjoying the slow return to normality.

    And yes, Letty, it’s nice to nurture your inner stubborn streak! I think it amuses my plastic surgeon. It’s not because of the squarer jaw that the titanium plate needs to come out; it’s because the plate protrudes below my ear. More on this later when a little girl is not shoving a book in my lap.

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